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Custom Projects

Project customer: Richard Fuller, Fuller Lab, University of Queensland. 

Project title: Night and day automated video recorder system

Fuller Lab needed an automated system to record the activities of nesting shorebirds to determine the cause of disturbances at multiple locations.

We designed a weather proof, solar powered, multi-channel video recorder system that uses a combination of adjustable wide angle and telephoto lenses. The wide angle lens gives an overview of the sample area and the telephoto zoom shows the details of the events. We chose Sony Effio cameras for their excellent night vision capabilities and added an IR spotlight to extend the camera's range to 100m. The rugged 12V powered video recorder has up to 8 camera inputs, a removable hard drive caddy and is controlled by a programmable timer.  The electronics are all enclosed in a lockable metal box with no exposed cabling as it is designed to be installed at a public site.

The unit shown here is the initial prototype in testing at the University of Queensland's Longpocket facility.