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We offer complete product design and development services, including hardware and software development, new technology evaluation and training, manufacturing and mechanical design.    

With you, we can help you develop your ideas from concept to manufactured product.   
Concept → technology evaluation → design → prototype → testing → manufacturing  

Product Developmen Software Develpment PCB Design Education and Traiing

Product Development

Software Development

PCB Design


We can work with you to help develop your ideas from concept to reality.
Whether you've got a new product idea, or a problem that needs a solution, we have years of experience in electronic design and new product development with a strong focus on delivering practical solutions to suit the application.
We offer software development services for a range of platforms and languages including:  
  • Firmware and Embedded System
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Windows and .NET
  • C/C++
We offer a complete PCB design and manufacturing service for small volume prototypes as well and large volume manufacture. These include:
  • Schematic/PCB design
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Parts procurement
  • PCB assembly
We believe that providing education and training is important for building strong relationships with our clients and local community. We provide flexible training to individuals or groups for:
  • Product training
  • New technology training
  • Engineering and product development workshops