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Handheld Audio Recorder

 Handheld Audio Recorder

  • Turn your smartphone into a highly sensitive and sophisticated bioacoustic field recorder.

  • Purpose built ergonomic handle with secure phone mount designed for single hand use. 

  • Save the sound after you hear it. So you don’t miss a call and you don’t have to sift through hours of background noise. 

  • Low noise, high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone with flat frequency response and adjustable gain gives high quality recordings.

The Frontier Labs Handheld Audio Recorder is a system that combines your smartphone’s GPS with the ultra-sensitive Primo EM172 microphone, a low noise amplifier with variable gain control and an optional parabolic dish in an ergonomic one handed form . This makes it ideal for recording reference calls in the field with their location, your field notes and photos of the area and storing it in a standard SQL database on your phone with our purpose built app. Best of all you don’t have to record all the time and sort through hours of background noise waiting for the call you want to keep. You just press the button after you hear a call and the phone saves from the continuously recording buffer that you can adjust to record seconds or minutes into the past. Or you can just record everything like a normal solid-state recorder.

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