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Satellite Trap Alert System

Satellite Trap Alert System

The Frontier Labs Satellite Trap Alert System is an affordable way to connect hundreds of traps to the global Iridium satellite network. It does this be linking a network of remote trap-alert nodes to a single satellite basestation using a long-range 915MHz radio link.

The basestation and each trap-alert node can monitor up to 4 traps each so you can monitor potentially hundreds of traps for the cost of a single satellite subscription fee, which is typically $60 per month from an Iridium service provider.

When a trap is triggered, a message is sent through the satellite network to ground stations across the globe and you receive an alert within minutes of the trap being triggered. The status of every trap is also reported each day so you have the confidence of knowing everything is working. 

Each trap-alert node has a built in GPS so you can easily locate the traps once they have triggered. 

The basestation can be charged through solar power for permanent deployment whereas the trap-alert nodes have a user replaceable lithium battery for easy redeployment.

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Uses the Iridium satellite network so it works anywhere in the world and is not reliant on any cellular phone or local networks.



Know when a trap has triggered in as little as 15 seconds. Each node reports back the state of each trap daily so you know everything is working.



The trap-alert trigger can be fitted to many commonly used traps. Ask us if you have any special trap fitting requirements.