Foam Windshield (Replacement)

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Replacement foam windshield for your microphone

This is a replacement foam windshield for your microphone. Every now and then a curious critter might take an interest in your microphone's windshield and decide to have a nibble or see what's underneath. So we're making our foam windshields available as a replacement part.

Each windshield comes coated with a silicone spray to help repel water.

To replace an existing windshield:

  1. Cut the zip-tie holding the current windshield in place
  2. Remove the windshield 
  3. You will see a notch running around the side of the tube, remember this location as this is where you want to put the new zip-tie to prevent it sliding off
  4. Slide on your new windshield
  5. Attach the new-zip tie over the windshield and tighten around the notch
  6. Finally, trim the excess tail on the zip-tie to prevent it flapping around and making noise

Your microphone is now good to go!




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