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Robust, low noise hydrophone for the BAR, BAR-LT, or Solar BAR with a 9m cable.

This hydrophone is designed to plug into the microphone port of a BAR, BAR-LT, or Solar BAR  and comes with a 9m cable so you can safely leave your recorder away from the water’s edge. It uses a robust, low self-noise transducer assembly and includes a low noise internal impedance buffer amp.


  • Low self-noise
  • Good sensitivity
  • 9m cable
  • Robust design handles accidental drops and temperature extremes
  • Compact (4.5mm OD) Low-noise cable with tough urethane jacket
  • Compact size and easy hand of cable
  • High specific gravity and streamlined shape keeps hydrophone down in currents
  • Aquarian Audio H2A manual
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